Mediapub_Brand-croppedNetwork has revolutionized the monetization of email and website traffic via its performance-priced solutions.

Publishers can leverage industry-leading technology to optimize revenue while enriching the user experience with targeted financial offers.

Our managed, turnkey solution for publishers takes our extensive industry experience and achieves incredible payouts for our clients.


Does your financial website also generate opt-in email subscribers that you send regular financial content? Email publishers can hook directly into our network of high performing, targeted financial offers.

Many advertisers offer user-friendly free products and services like eBooks, educational webinars, reports and newsletters. The user experience is enriched and we have found in many cases this improves retention and engagement.

In some instances users become reinvigorated in the financial markets from these offers and in turn become re-engaged with the publisher’s products.

Email list monetization has never been easier: set it and forget it!

Why Email+ is better than CPM for Publishers

With Email+ from Media Pub Network, you receive a pre-booked send calendar for the month before the month starts, with offers and flexible send dates you can review and control.
Simply put, our turnkey model is proven and works. Email list monetization has never been easier to set it and forget it!


Website publishers can plug and play our web monetization solutions through our +Network. We offer a completely original approach to financial website monetization by optimizing and intelligently placing targeted financial offers on pre-selected pages as well as post-signup thank you pages on your website.
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