Media Pub Network specializes in performance-priced marketing solutions
for advertisers.

We work with advertisers on a CPC (cost-per-click), CPL (cost-per-lead) and CPE (cost-per-email) basis.
The +Network provides advertisers a quantum leap in advertising tools to fully expose targeted prospects to your offer.

Our model of providing performance-priced solutions for both email and web marketing has taken the financial industry by storm. We have evened the playing field between advertisers and publishers and created an environment where advertisers can apply marketing budget with confidence and publishers can “set it and forget it” with the experienced management team at Media Pub Network.
Website marketing has been turned on its head with Media Pub’s Co-Reg Network. Advertisers can now leverage their high performing email marketing content and apply it to website and mobile advertising. By featuring your offer across a variety of Financial Publishing websites, you will receive exposure to your offers on a CPL basis and provide you with the ability to SCALE your Lead-Gen efforts exponentially.