CPM Advertising with CPA Boost

To the “cleanest lists you've ever emailed”…

MediaPubs email network is focused on performance; we clean our lists proactively to optimize deliver ability and responsiveness. 

We run a daily cleansing program that removes inactive emails. The list also receives fresh new subscribers on a daily basis, making it possible to regularly send to the lists without seeing a decline in performance. 

Note: the major difference between our method and traditional CPM is the relationship we have with the subscriber. We provide you an endorsed offer as a way to help improve back end conversions. 


  • CPA targets should include both front end and back end products (ie. lifetime value) 
  • We send to our lists based on the applicable CPM rate as listed herein.
  • We then work with the client to receive the stats from the campaign and make the decision whether the CPA Boost is necessary to hit the target CPA or not. If the additional traffic isn’t necessary – we rebook additional campaigns.
  • If the additional traffic isn’t backing out for the Client and/or MediaPub, the campaign will be suspended after bonus traffic exceeds 25% of initial budget.

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